Don’t touch my hair!

There has been an amazing up rise in Black power, but especially “Black Girl Magic”.  In light of this sudden black empowerment Solange Knowles released an album entitled “A Seat at the Table” where she sings about the controversies we as black people face mainly black women.

Don’t touch MY HAIR is a song that stood out to me the most on this album. For centuries black women have been criticized about the way out hair looks and the way it smells. We began to conform to the ideology that we must put harmful chemicals in our hair to make it less ‘black’ and to help us to fit in with the dominant world. We neglected to embrace our natural state to keep from being ridiculed by society.  Despite these set backs more women have begun the process of returning to the natural world, rocking and embracing their own ‘Black Girl Magic’.  But once again we’re being criticized in the work place for our protective styles to help our hair to grow or the beautiful natural Afros that we adorn on a daily to showcase our curls.

On top of all this, white women feel that its okay to copy the same hairstyles we get criticized about and rename them and try to brand it for their own. IN MY OPINION, this isn’t okay and it just proves how we are used for ideas and then still get mocked in the mean time and sent home from work when our white counterparts are allowed to wear our hair. We get called ghetto for wearing cornrows or twists, by people who don’t know the purpose of these styles.

“They don’t understand
What it means to me

You know this hair is my shit,
rode the ride, I gave it time
But this here is mine”

We wear protective styles to aid the growth of our hair. Our hair ‘smells’ because of the miracle oils that we use to help maintain growth, shine and thickness. I will not apologize for the way my hair looks or the way it smells because it is unique to me and my lifestyle. Black women should never be put down or seen as less than anyone because of us embracing our natural hair. If you don’t like my hair look the other way, but don’t turn around and try to steal my style in the mean time.


So I went to the nail salon with some friends and I was waiting for them to be done, because I didn’t want anything done I just went to go, and this lady was sitting at the little dryer thing for her toes. She looks over at me and say “I’ve never seen hair like that before, is it a wig?” I looked at her like excuse me, but I replied back and said no ma’am this is my natural hair. She then asks to touch my hair and that irritated me more than her asking if my hair was a wig. Like why do people without curly hair feel the need to want to run their fingers through my curls to see if its dry or soft? So I was like sorry but no and then she left it at that. *SIDE NOTE* I HATE WHEN RANDOM PEOPLE ASK TO TOUCH MY HAIR LIKE THIS ISN’T A PETTING ZOO…….but I digress.



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