Having Natural Hair is hard work!! But I love my curls.

I’ve been a natural hair girl since I was born.

I’ve been through the troubles of having my mother yank my head to clear my hair out, bubbles popping me on my forehead because my mom made them too tight, my mother getting frustrated WITH ME because SHE was pulling my head in all different directions and as a result “I wasn’t keeping still.” I remember telling my mom that I didn’t want her to do my hair anymore when I was in middle school. That is arguably one of the stupidest decisions I’ve made when I was younger. When I don’t feel like doing my hair, I often think back to how good I had it as a child. Sometimes I think if I let my mom do my hair a little while longer, my hair would be just a little longer than what it is.

There have been many times where I thought that I should perm my hair so that I wouldn’t have to be burdened with doing my hair everyday or every two days. If I actually did go through with getting a perm or relaxing my hair I’d want it gone within a few days because I’d miss my curls too much. I literally can’t even have my hair straightened for more than a week without washing it so that I can see my curls again.

A wash and go is my go to hairstyle for the week. When my curls start to look way too frizzy to stay out, I either put it up in a high puff, a low bun, a ninja bun, a pineapple or I step in the shower and refresh my curls. I get bored sometimes though because I don’t know how to braid on my own hair so I can’t always do the styles that I want.

My hair is a chore that I don’t always like to do. The natural hair community knows that there has to be a full day designated for washing your hair. Depending on the texture and curl pattern that you have, it takes a few hours just to detangle your hair. Fortunately for me, it only takes me like 10 minutes to detangle my hair, not including the breaks I take when my arms hurt. After the detangling period we definitely need a break before we shampoo, pre-poo, condition or do a treatment, depending on how dirty your hair is or if you don’t want to completely wash your hair that week. Wash day is definitely a workout.

Being a natural hair girl is hard work. You go through a lot of money trying to find products that work for you. In light of finding what works for you, you have to know what hair type you have, the porosity of your hair and how to battle frizz. You also have to deal with people, mainly the unseasoned, asking if your hair is real and if they can touch it. You can admire it from afar Susan but no, you may not touch my hair. I don’t know where your hands have been. Also, we have to deal with the unseasoned asking the infamous question, “How do you get your hair to look like that?” Well Karen, there is this thing called water *insert sarcastic shocked face here* and when the water touches my hair it make it curl up! I swear it’s just like magic. *Fake gasp* I know I cant believe it either. It’s so funny to watch people’s faces mutate into disappointed stares when you tell them that its only by the power of water that your hair curls up into beautiful coils.

All in all, I love my natural hair and I wouldn’t change it for the world, even with the troubles that I go through when doing my hair and maintaining it. Comment below your thoughts on your own hair.

-Stay Beautiful.

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