Eco Styler Gel: Cancel or Keep?

In the last few weeks, the YouTube and Twitter communities were talking about how Eco Styler Gel has been causing health problems, and how its bad for the environment. I wasn’t planning on discussing this on here but I feel like it needs to be addressed.

First of all, *ahem, cough cough* Eco never claimed that it was a natural hair product, or that it used natural ingredients. People shouldn’t be getting upset when they realize that there aren’t natural ingredients in there. Honestly you should be looking at the ingredients before you use a product. Yes, they may use natural oils in some of the gels, but that doesn’t mean that everything they put into them is natural. Eco is one of the first alcohol free gels that works for all curl types.

Secondly, if it works for you, why would you stop using it? Because your favourite YouTuber said that it caused problems for her that haven’t medically been proven? People really take everything that Youtubers say as bible. *insert eye roll*  You have to do your own research when using a new product that everyone hypes up over the internet. The ingredients in the gel can only become detrimental to your health if it is mixed with certain products. I recently started using eco gel (castor and flaxseed oil, olive oil gel) and my curls have never looked better. They stay hydrated and hold perfectly. My wash and go’s used to only last for two days without me redefining them. But now, they last for four days without redefining. So tell me. Why on earth would I stop using this product if it makes my hair flourish? I love my curls too much to make them go back to the way it was before I started using Eco. I personally don’t think that the company would intentionally want to harm their consumers.

Lastly, you should probably make your own natural products if you’re worried about what ingredients are in hair products. Eco is a cheaper, more affordable option for curly girls. There are vegan, all natural brands on the market that are available for purchase. If you don’t like the product then go try something else. It’s that simple. You don’t have to follow the hype. Literally there are thousands of different gels available, you don’t HAVE to use Eco.

Stop taking everything that someone says as bible. Find out for yourself. This cancel community needs to be put to rest. As for me and my hair, we shall use Eco. If the Lord wants me to die because of hair gel, then who am I to mess with his plans? 

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