Curly Hair Tip for the Winter Months

Since I was born and raised on an island, I’ve never had to deal with freezing temperatures or have had to experience what the cold might do to my hair. Being in America for school for the last two and a half years I’ve had to adapt my hair routine to work with the cold temperatures. I have a few tips for keeping your hair healthy and lush during the winter.

Deep Conditioner!

Deep conditioning is a curly girl’s best friend. A good deep conditioner will have your curls feeling silky and soft. In the warmer months I can get away with not doing a deep condition very often, but during the winter, I tend to do a deep conditioning treatment after every time I wash my hair. This will help your hair retain moisture while it’s cold.

Avoid going outside with wet hair!

Yes we all know how amazing wash n go’s are, but what are we supposed to do during freezing temperatures? Still do your regular wash n go’s but, if you can, limit the amount of water you use in your hair. If you must absolutely use a lot of water, make sure you keep a diffuser on hand to aid in drying you hair faster. You wouldn’t want to go outside and have your hair turn into icicles.

Protective styling!

Protective styles will definitely be your ultra best friend during the winter. Two strand twists, buns, braids, etc. will definitely help you get through the winter. They help to keep the ends of your hair protected while also being cute.

Use silk lining for woolly hats!

Having natural hair is sometimes a struggle, especially when it comes to wearing cute woolly hats to keep our heads warm. The wool tugs on our curls and breaks strands off. An easy fix is to get either satin or silk fabric and sew some of it to the insides of your hats. It keeps your hair from breaking as well as aiding you in being cute.

Stay away from heat (or try not to over heat your hair)

I am guilty of this one. I usually get the urge to flat iron my hair during the winter because I know it will last longer. However, in doing so, you’re giving the air more opportunity to snatch what little moisture you have left in your hair. Instead of using heat to style your hair, try using flexi rods or perm rods to stretch out your hair. Heat less styles are much better for your natural hair than using a flat iron.

Comment below with your personal strategies for protecting natural hair in the winter, or with any questions!

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