Choose Your Natural Self

As black girls, we’ve been programmed to hate our hair. It’s been engrained into our brains since we were little. While some parents left their children’s hair in its natural state, others weren’t as lucky. Perms were a part of black culture for a long time. But now more and more women are choosing to embrace their natural hair.

We’re taking the world by storm and showing black women that it is okay to show off your natural curls and be free from perms. Black women are also showing society that out hair is acceptable for the workplace and is to be accepted in society. We’re no longer letting ourselves live by white societal standards. Our natural hair is our way of expressing ourselves and choosing to be free.

The natural hair movement that has happened in the last few years have been amazing. I love seeing more women rocking their curls. Choose your curls. Choose to be free from harmful chemicals to fit in.

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