My hair is My Canvas

“My hair is my canvas”

I remember the first time I decided to colour my hair. I was about to be a sophomore in high school, still discovering what worked best for my hair. I wanted to do something that would look natural but would still stand out. So like all young girls, I chose to dye my hair red. I was all excited because my mum was going to let me colour my hair for the first time. I went to the store and got the box dye and decided to call my best friend at the time to do my hair for me. Now my hair isn’t thick, but I do however have a lot of hair so one box of dye wasn’t enough to cover my whole head so we decided to only do the ends of my hair. The colour barely showed up in my hair because my natural hair was so dark.

So I took it upon myself to try a different brand of red. My hair really took to this brand and I got the red hair I so desired. I thought I was a cool kid because I had different coloured hair, even though there was a lot of other people with coloured hair in my school. I loved my red hair for that whole school year but I wanted something different.

The following summer, I decided that I didn’t want to have red hair anymore so I wanted to try my hand at being blonde. At first I started with just the back of my hair, just in case I didn’t like it, it could easily be hidden. Well I ended up looking it, of course, so I decided to jump into the deep end and dye my whole head blonde. Except it didn’t come out blonde, it was a orange mess, but I still loved it. Over the course of the summer I kept dying it to get it to the colour that I really wanted. By the time school was due to start, I had ombré hair, because I let my hair grow out.

Well, in Bermuda, there are a few restrictions when it comes to your hair. It have to be solely one colour and it also has to be a natural colour. Since I technically had two colours in my hair, my principal told me I would need to make my hair one colour. So being the good student that I am, I obliged, to a certain degree, and dyed my hair. However, I had a small triangular section in the back of my head that I had dyed red, and it was hidden under the rest of my hair, of which I had dyed black. I got caught and dyed the little patch black to match the rest of my hair.

Fast forwarding to a month before I was due to start my college journey. I believe that there is something about blonde hair that continues to call to me. I dyed the back, sides and ends of my hair blonde, leaving only the top half of my hair dark brown. It seemed like every time I went to touch up my blonde hair, I sneakily put the dye on parts of my hair that wasn’t blonde to begin with. During the summer, I had managed to do an ombré type look. I was going to dye my roots black, when the dye got on a lot of my blonde hair, so I had to dye my hair black again.

I kept my hair black for a few months into the new school year when I got the urge to have bright red hair. Which I now regret, but it was cute. My hair was fading into a strawberry blonde colour because of my over processed ends. However, I grew tired of the red, and I wanted to do a darker colour, while still having a colour that stands out. So naturally, I did a deep violet colour. I was absolutely in love with the colour but as my hair began to fade, it transitioned back into a semi bright faded red. The purple just wasn’t dark enough to get rid of the red. So I decided to try a midnight blue colour. I was ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with the midnight blue. You could only notice the blue hues when I was in the light.

I kept my hair the midnight blue colour until September of last year. Something about blonde hair really calls to me so I picked up the phone and answered. I originally wanted to do just blonde tips (it always starts this way and then gets me to do more) but I went just a tad bit higher than just my ends. I just kept going further each time I touched up my hair. Noticing a pattern here? And this time I actually used a toner to bring out the real colours I wanted. I liked the colour the toner made my roots so I now have medium brown roots floating down into a light brown that spills into a a light blonde and I couldn’t be more happy with my hair right now.

I don’t think I’m going to be doing any colours other than blonde for the moment. I’ve grown quite attached to this colour. But all this just goes to say that your hair is a blank canvas that is waiting for you to tap into its potential. It doesn’t have to be with colours, but also the unique hairstyles that you can do to your hair can help you tap into your creativity. It’s okay to dye your hair as many colours you want, or put the most exotic styles in your hair. Use it as your creative outlet. As long as your hair is healthy and you’re happy, it doesn’t matter what people think or have to say about you. Let your creativity shine through.

“My hair is my canvas.”

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