I’m Ready to go HOME!!!

I am from the BEAUTIFUL island of Bermuda. For the past few weeks I’ve been seriously homesick. It seems like people from back home have been posting more pictures of the island and it’s just making me want to be home even more. I miss the beaches, the food, the air, the sun, my family, just everything.

I also miss the way my hair reacts to the air when I’m home. The high humidity makes my hair retain moisture longer and my curls last past day five after a wash n go. Being in America, Alabama to be exact, the weather here is very iffy and you never truly know what you’re going to get as the day progresses. But I must say, my hair dries faster here in America than it does back home in Bermuda. While the humidity at home does make my hair last longer, it takes about five or six hours for my hair to completely dry.

I most definitely miss going swimming in the crystal clear waters that surround my island. Feeling the cold, but not too cold, water rushing through my hair when I take that first plunge into the ocean. The oceanic breeze wafting through my hair. I just keep telling myself, “Only a few more weeks.” It seems to be working because its basically April and there’s only one more month that I have to get through before I’m home.

But like in all seriousness, can this semester be over already?

Ariel view

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