I wish some people understood the concept of having boundaries. ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO HAIR. Your hands do not belong anywhere near my head if I don’t know you, or if we don’t have a close relationship where that would be okay. I honestly wish some people understood this concept, it’s only common courtesy.

I tweeted about this particular incident that happened a few months ago, but people still don’t seem to have grasped that ideology. So a few months ago, I was siting in church when this much older lady sitting behind me, took it upon herself to place her fingers IN MY HAIR and then lean forward to ask me if it was my real hair because she didn’t feel any tracks. I kindly asked her to not touch my hair and she took her hands out of my head. She still kept pressing me and asking how did I get my hair to look the way it did. (I had my hair in a curly afro). I told her that my hair naturally falls like that and I just had water and gel in hair. She then proceeded to compliment my hair and I humbly thanked her and turned back around because church was about to start. I thought all was well until I heard her start talking about my hair again. Her and her husband were fairly loud and she HAD THE NERVE, THE AUDACITY, THE UNMITIGATED GULL, *How the Grinch Stole Christmas reference*, to tell her husband that he needs to feel how soft my hair is. I turned around before anything could progress and I asked them kindly, once again, if they could refrain from touching my hair. They obliged.

I decided to share this story because something similar happened to one of my friends. I just want to understand the fascination people have with wanted to put their hands in someone’s hair, ESPECIALLY if they don’t know them from Adam or Eve. Like do people think about how uncomfortable it makes people feel when random people just want to put their hands in people’s hair? I am definitely NOT a petting zoo, I’m not here for you to touch. I definitely feel triggered when I hear about this happening or see it happen in front of my eyes.

Moral of the story is, “Thou shalt not toucheth one’s hair unless said person knoweth them well.”

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  1. Loved this post. Boundaries people. I had a new doctor recently, and he rolled his chair so close to me, I thought he was gonna kiss me. Literally, face to face. I could not push my chair back, so I leaned way back. He did not get the hint. He quickly went back to the computer and started typing. If he had done it again I was prepared to tell him to back off. I plan on requesting a new doctor before I have to go back again.
    I can’t believe this couple you mentioned. Rude beyond measure.
    Just found you through Chandra and wanted to wish you well with your blog 🙂

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