I Did an Experiment and….

Okay. So this week I decided to do a little experiment, involving my hair.

I did my regular wash n go routine on Friday April 19th. I touched up my curls on Sunday April 21st and then let my curls fall how they wanted the following Monday.

Starting on Tuesday April 23rd, I put my hair into a messy bun, and didn’t do my edges. I left my room and surprisingly, no one gave me any weird stares or said anything strange to me. Now, my hair looked a hot mess, especially because my edges weren’t done. I still managed to get compliments, believe it or not, on my hair.

On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and yesterday, I haven’t combed my hair. I continued to do my messy bun routine. While talking with one of my friends, they said something that made me sit back and really think about why no one looked at me some kinda way during the week. They said “You can get away with doing the whole messy bun thing because you have good hair.”

What really constitutes as good hair? The girls who have curls that are in the 3A-3C category, with hair that goes past their shoulders? Anyone can throw their hair up into a messy bun if they had the ability to. But why is it that girls with the looser curls get praised and called cute when they do it but women with tighter curls get criticised and looked at funny?

When will the stigma break?????

3 thoughts on “I Did an Experiment and….

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  1. Good Question, I haven’t temped a messy bun. But do rock wash n go the majority of the time. Since I have fine hair I get asked if I’m mixed. Are is that my real hair? I mean what’s with the question and thinking a black woman can’t have long hair. Good post. God Bless

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