It’s NOT Your fault!!!

I had an entirely different post ready to go. But in light of this being the last week of Women's History Month, I thought it would be in my best interest to write this post. I am an avid watcher of the hit show Grey's Anatomy. Tonight's episode was extremely triggering, but it was an... Continue Reading →

My hair is My Canvas

"My hair is my canvas" I remember the first time I decided to colour my hair. I was about to be a sophomore in high school, still discovering what worked best for my hair. I wanted to do something that would look natural but would still stand out. So like all young girls, I chose... Continue Reading →


I am not my inner thoughts. I am better than what my mind is trying to tell me I am. I am my own kind of beautiful. Your beauty standards don't define me. I am enough even when I don't feel like I am. Even in my dark moments I'm still great. I can't let... Continue Reading →

Your Hair is Art

Embrace the beauty within. I challenge everyone to take a picture showcasing their natural hair. Photo Creds: @free-photos on pixabay.comPhoto Creds: @jamsthebest on Photo Creds: @StockSnap on #PhotoChallenge

Today was weird…

I didn't know what to write for today but then something happened. I was in Walmart getting some things this afternoon, when an older black woman approached me and asked if my hair was real. Since being in America, I've gotten asked this question, or similar questions, multiple times, but this was the first time... Continue Reading →

Choose Your Natural Self

As black girls, we've been programmed to hate our hair. It's been engrained into our brains since we were little. While some parents left their children's hair in its natural state, others weren't as lucky. Perms were a part of black culture for a long time. But now more and more women are choosing to... Continue Reading →

Eco Styler Gel: Cancel or Keep?

In the last few weeks, the YouTube and Twitter communities were talking about how Eco Styler Gel has been causing health problems, and how its bad for the environment. I wasn't planning on discussing this on here but I feel like it needs to be addressed. First of all, *ahem, cough cough* Eco never claimed... Continue Reading →

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